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A thought that is humbling me today- I am an ancestor in training

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

This compost, (pictured below) while nutritive and fertile does not resemble the same topsoil a mere and mighty 5-10 inches of earth that took over a 1000 years to produce. This is not the end product, this is the beginning of a long line of ecological processing. Long after I’m gone, when I’ve been initiated into ancestry, and my great great great grandchildren’s grandchildren walk the earth, this compost may start to call itself topsoil. It will be anointed with macro and micro organisms and mycelial webs, colonized and situated as an important, delicate, and essential part of the earth’s crust. . And to become good ancestors, we too must compost. Our feelings/emotions, our bodies... to fertilize and create nutrient rich soil, ideas, creation, offspring.. that can one day call itself topsoil. I may never live to see how I create topsoil in my life.. but that’s not the point. We compost so that we can create, sustain, regenerate. Turning what may appear to be waste products, into healthy vibrant living earth, beings, future generations... healing.

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