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I want to truly welcome you here. It is no mistake that you are here. 

I'm here to help you become more of who you already are.


I'm not actually here to heal you.

I'm here to allow you the space to re-discover yourself.

My healing work is a ceremony for those that have come before me and those that will come after.  And the earth has constantly held me through each stage of this journey. It starts and continues with me coming home to myself.  It's required sifting through the muck of what's kept me from myself in the first place.

And I want to provide you the opportunity to arrive home to yourself.  

To find the joy, to find the pleasure, to allow grief, to become your vision.

My work is very hands-on, because I can see a lot of what's going on through the physical body. And even when I work virtually, a big way I can see "through" you is with movement. Even when our mind tells us one thing, our body doesn't lie. 

 I am here to guide you into the places that require more perspective to see what's really there.

We weren't meant to do this alone. Let's light that fire of transformation inside you, together.


Hi, I'm Emily


I have a story to share with you.
We had just received 6 inches of snow fall where I live in the Hudson Valley. And, much to my astonishment, I found myself tracking bear in the Northeast section of forest behind my home. 

I was trailing the bear, when all of a sudden the tracks appeared to stop.

I was looking around, back tracking my steps and the bear's. And finding myself completely stumped. What happens when the tracks "just stop"?

We might have places on our internal or external landscape just like this where we have trouble seeing or accessing our own tracks forward or back. It could feel scary, confusing, foggy, disorienting, and/or painful.

You don't know how else to ask the questions or how to move forward, and yet you know that something more is available.
want to offer you an opportunity to look at the places where the tracks, the questions, the awareness...stops. Why here, why now?
And maybe we can start to get curious together. It can be hard to do it alone. And you don't have to. I will give you the structure to lean in. And it may not be what you think it is on the other side of those tracks.

When you work with me


I will offer you the opportunity to step onto your own landscape, without the dogma, without the judgement or ridicule. I am here as the witness of your unfurling. You are invited to express and claim your authenticity and what you desire, with me beside you. Can you listen to the rhythm your heart? The longing of you body?

This will be a 1 on 1 session. I'm here to help provide guidance, insight and perspective on your path with deep contact (in-person and virtually). 

How do you decide which session is right for you?

1. If you are local to the New Paltz/Hudson Valley area I would suggest setting up an in-person Bodywork/Healing session with me. The 90 min. initial consult will give me a comprehensive understanding of what you're looking for and your intent. From there, I will discuss what I can offer and what our sessions together could look like. The initial consult is 90 minutes so I can spend time getting to understand where you are at in your life/body and you will receive hands-on work during that session as well. From there we can schedule follow-up 60 or 90 minute sessions together.

2. If you are not local to the Hudson Valley (or just want to receive healing without physical contact), I have virtual healing sessions available. While I won't be able to physically make contact, there is a depth of contact that happens even through the forum of zoom.

-If you're seeking more physical movement and needing somatic guidance with your physical body I would suggest a virtual Bodywork session.

-If you are wanting to dive into relational work, patterns showing up in your life, trauma healing, healing from illness, or wanting guidance I would suggest a

virtual NIASZIIH healing session.

Curious and want to talk more? Email me to schedule a discovery call- ($20 / 20 minutes)

Ready to book a session? Schedule below.

Payment and Cancellation Policy


Sessions are to be paid for at the time of booking. An initial consultation is $175,  90 min. follow-ups are $175, 60 min. follow-ups are $125. Virtual Sessions are sliding scale $90-$165. Please assess your own financial need and what you are able to pay for the session. I ask that payment be made at the time of booking. You can make your payment at the time of booking, or clicking the button below.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need to figure out a different form of energy exchange, barter, or payment please speak with me and we can assess if there is something we can work out together.



In order to respect the time and space held for the session, any cancellations within 72 hrs of your scheduled session will still require full payment for that session (unless an agreement is made with me, such as in the case of an emergency). The same policy applies if you do not show-up or if you are 15 or more minutes late for your session.

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