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The internal route: understand and re-pattern your internal landscape from the ground up

Forest Sunrays

About the Course

What is this Workshop? 

A 4 week series for you to move better and occupy more of your body.

Shift pain-patterns from chronic use and find space to create a healthier relationship with your inner landscape.

Introducing The Internal Route

Are you ready to take your mind and your movement to new places?

As a bodyworker living and working in the Gunks, I’ve witnessed many climbers and experienced the typical shape their body can take. Often cavernous with a well developed back body and softer front body.

While this isn’t “wrong”, I’ve also witnessed the various ailments and patterns that happen when we over develop certain parts of our body and neglect the other parts of us. This workshop series is geared to help you develop an internal awareness, from the ground up, to help you move more parts of you and feel more embodied. To bring a greater sense of space and full expression throughout your joints, capsules, fascia, and musculature. We will start with the feet and move our way up the body each week (hips, spine, and neck/cervical spine), developing intimacy and mindful awareness of how you are moving and where you’re limited.

How? I use methods gathered from yoga, gyrotonics, functional range conditioning, functional training, and personal development to guide you deeper into your body. We will also take time to partner up during the workshop and offer feedback and guidance with each other. You don’t have to place your hands on anyone or receive contact in order to gain insight into your movement, and the option is there if you want it.

By the end of the series, I hope for you to have more access to more parts of yourself. This connection will offer greater movement in many areas of your life, including your climbing. 

Your Guide

Emily Shaw

Emily Shaw

I am a bodyworker, movement therapist, NIASZIIH healing practitioner, and mover. I have spent years uncovering my own internal shapes and patterns, and love to discover new ways my body (and mind) can take form. It's a joyful and pleasurable process watching other people see their bodies and minds find a different perspective and be able to occupy more of yourself.

Course Overview

4 week series

When: Every Sunday from July 21st- August 11th

10am-3pm (day 1)
10am-2pm (day2-4)

Where: Gardiner, NY (location upon registration)
What: Each week will explore a different area of the body starting from the feet and working our way up each week. 

Price: $450 


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