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I offer you 1:1 in-person and remote healing  + bodywork sessions. I'll provide a container for you to show up authentically and occupy

 (and even enjoy) who you are, from the inside out.


all of you is needed here

My name is Emily

And my work is Earth Embodied Healing. I specialize in 1:1 feminine healing and embodiment work through the integration of... -intentional bodywork -fascial restructuring -visceral manipulation -relational work -embodied/somatic movement therapy -earth based skills -NIASZIIH healing. I offer you the space to become more of who you already are, and feel empowered in your choices. Sometimes we just need to sift through the depths of our stories, what got us here; the beliefs, the judgement, the trauma, the diagnoses, the "taboo"... in order to find ourselves again. I work concert with myself and the earth to provide doorways for you to claim your choice and your vision. I understand movement and physicality well. I am able to better witness human dynamics and relationships through the body. I often can see relational patterns, physical / emotional ailments, and traumas through the shape the body takes. Each session together we are working with the instrument of our unique landscape and how that parallels our inner and outer worlds. I will offer you opportunities to experience who you are and allow you to step firmly upon your own inner earth. Our work together is to help you find the space between what ails you, and where your desire lives. How can your movement, and your body, create the structure to allow you to have the health and the life you crave?


How we can work together

90 minute in-person initial consultation

(Stone Ridge, NY)

This is where we will begin together to get to know you, your background, and go over relevant intake. We will then have an opportunity to have a session that can incorporate massage, somatic movement therapy, and/or hands-on NIASZIIH healing. I will work with you, your psychology, and your living vessel to create the container you want to occupy in your body and your life.

60 minute NIASZIIH Healing Session
(Stone Ridge
, NY)


Each session is unique to the individual. Let's explore your internal + external terrain and find what part/s of you are asking for a different path forward. So you can make the choices that truly align with what you desire. What is holding you back from yourself? Is your past informing how you show up today?  Is there a mental, physical pattern or ailment getting in the way? Have you been navigating chronic illness for years with no end in site? We can work together to shift the patterns that keep getting you stuck or in the same place. over and over again.

60 minute Virtual NIASZIIH Healing Session
Sliding Scale $90-$165

Each session is unique to the individual. What is holding you back from yourself? Is your past informing how you show up today? How do we make different choices to step into who we are want to be? Is there a mental, physical pattern getting in the way? Have you been navigating chronic illness for years with no end in site? Let's explore your internal terrain and find what part/s of you is asking for a different path forward.

60 minute follow-up in-person
Bodywork Session
(Stone Ridge
, NY)


This is a session that can incorporate -intentional massage -fascial + visceral manipulation -somatic movement therapy -hands-on healing My sessions are customized to you, and no two sessions will look the same. That's because I take into consideration who you are and where your body is at when you show up to work with me that day. I typically offer practices you can take home with you and incorporate in your everyday life. These sessions are meant to empower you to choose what you need for your body right now. And how we can work together to create a plan for vitality in your physicality.

90 minute follow-up in-person
Bodywork Session
(Stone Ridge
, NY)


60 minute Virtual Bodywork Healing Session
Sliding Scale $90-$165

An integrative approach to movement using the tools of body awareness, somatic movement, yoga, pilates, gyrotonics, and functional strength sessions. We will approach and look at the body by creating awareness around how and why you move the way you do. I combine years of knowledge around body mechanics, body work, and somatic movement therapies to create an individualized approach for you to move better and find the joy and pleasure of movement in your body. Where are you moving in your body, where are you not moving? Why? Let's discover, together, how to create more pathways for your structure and flow both in your internal and external physical experience.


Sliding Scale Session (in-person)


The desire with these sessions is to create accessibility, without sacrificing quality. These sessions are curated from my list of offerings.

You have the option of paying what you can afford on the sliding scale spectrum. And if you are someone who can pay at the higher end of the sliding scale, you help to offset the cost of someone who is paying the lower cost option. I trust that you can gauge your income/budget and accurately decide the price that meets that need.

This is a one hour long session and I offer sliding scale spots twice a month on my schedule. I require $45 up front (non-refundable) to secure the spot. This also creates a container of accountability, since I am holding a limited amount of space for these sessions. And there is a cancellation policy  (you can find on my 'working with me' page). 

To contact me

If you're curious about working together let's talk.

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